Rojac Haulage Yard

Steel fibre reinforced concrete

When extending their new haulage yard in Cheshire, Rojac (UK) Ltd, the specialist hire and material handling company, were in need of a hard wearing concrete, able to withstand the regular movements of their heavy load vehicles. With an eye on future development of the yard to include Rojac’s steel recycling business, the concrete surface also needed to withstand mechanical scraping and be able to accommodate heavy point loads.

A concrete mix incorporating SikaPlast®-10RM admixture and Novomesh 950 synthetic fibres, which when added to the mix eliminated the need for steel reinforcing mesh, was produced by Hanson Concrete to meet these requirements.

This cost effective solution produced a tough, durable concrete slab with increased crack, impact and abrasion resistance, fully able to withstand the rigours of a working haulage yard and any future developments that are being considered for the site. Joints between the slabs were sealed using Sikaflex® Construction polyurethane sealant.

Rojac UK Ltd
60-64 Chapel Street
United Kingdom