Clackmannanshire Bridge

Project summary

  • Bridge project: Crossing point for the A378
  • Start/finish dates: 2006/2007
  • Bridge type: Pier bridge
  • Length:1.2km (50m main span)
  • Structure: Multi-span, incrementally launched segments, concrete mono piles (5m dia), cages, hollow column stems
  • Production: In situ concrete pour, down -10ºC and pumped up to 850m
  • Main Contractor: Morgan Sindall

Product and volume supplied by Hanson:

  • Regen (GGBS/Scunthorpe), cement (Ribblesdale), aggregates and concrete (site plant)
  • Mix design high workability 4hrs, then rapid strength gain plus “rich mix” glass finish
  • CEM I and 70% Regen (GGBS) mixes (durability DC 3/4 ground conditions, environmental aspects, colour, control of heat of hydration)
  • Concrete volume 52,000m3
  • Regen volume 4,000m3
United Kingdom