National Tennis Centre, Roehampton

The National Tennis Centre, the new home of British tennis, is a world class facility in Roehampton, London, designed by Sir Michael Hopkins.

It includes 22 indoor and outdoor courts, which replicate Grand Slam playing surfaces, and a sports science medical centre. 

The administrative and residential blocks use concrete for thermal mass to absorb and hold heat, thereby lessening energy costs. Together with generous solar shading and a low energy displacement ventilation system this helps maintain optimum internal conditions. 

The key driver behind the choice of ggbs for the project was the need for the exposed concrete to be light in colour with an even finish. 

Both the external and internal concrete contained 55 per cent ggbs and the use of a high cementitious content and a S4 slump mix gave a fine face finish with less work needed to achieve compaction. 

The architects were also impressed by the environmental benefits, with ggbs substantially reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the concrete. 

United Kingdom