Concrete range

Farming concrete

Farming concrete.

Using our expertise, we've developed a range of ready-mixed concrete products, designed specifically for the farming industry.

Waterproof concrete systems

Waterproof concrete systems.

A specialist concrete designed to protect a structure from water ingress or to retain water within.

Home use concrete

home use concrete.

Using our expertise, we've developed a range of ready-mixed concrete products, designed specifically for the home and other self-lay applications.

Reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete.

A range of fibre reinforced concrete that incorporates fibre technology added at the batching plant to enhance concrete performance and durability.

Eco friendly concrete

Eco friendly concrete.

A range of high quality sustainable concretes, designed to help you meet current and future environmental agendas.

Coated concrete

Coated concrete.

Coated concrete protects the concrete reinforcement with a special corrosion inhibitor.

Concrete for deep foundations

Hanson Tremiecrete®.

Hanson UK’s Tremiecrete® is a bespoke engineering solution that meets testing requirements.

Heat-conducting concrete

Heat-conducting concrete.

A robust, high-performance, heat-conducting concrete for underground HV and UHV cabling.

Early strength concrete

Early strength concrete.

Hanson offers a range of high early-strength concretes that speed up construction by allowing quick release of formwork.

Coloured concrete

Coloured concrete.

Wether you want your project to blend in with the surrounding area or stand out from the crowd, we have something to meet your exact requirements.

Easy pour concrete

Easy pour concrete.

Quick and easy to place, needs little vibration and moves easily through intricate or congested reinforcing.

Underwater Concrete

Underwater concrete.

Hanson UK and Sika have worked together to create a concrete solution, which is suitable for underwater applications.

High performance concrete

High performance concrete.

When conditions are tough and projects are demanding, you need a concrete that delivers the highest performance.

Concrete application selector.
Concrete volume calculator.

Concrete for piling

Concrete for piling.

A unique range comprising two specialist mixes that have been specifically formulated for piling concrete.

Concrete carbon calculator.
Concrete plant finder.

Special concretes

Special concretes.

Hanson Concrete has a proven history in the field of special concretes and industry award winning bespoke mix formulations to meet challenging engineering requirements that can often save valuable time and help deliver demanding deadline.