EasyPile® CFA

A ready-mixed CFA piling concrete

Hanson EasyPile® CFA has been specifically formulated for CFA piling concrete using the admixture system Sika® PilePak. Hanson designed and developed this ready-mixed CFA piling concrete specifically to help contractors overcome the issues related to sinking cages into bored concrete piles in difficult ground conditions.


EasyPile® is suitable to use in all ground conditions including the following:

Ground condition


  • EasyPile CFA not only reduces cage failures on site but also helps increase the speed of piling, reducing wastage and costs
  • Improved Health and Safety
  • Ease of cage placement in all ground conditions
  • Reduced water loss from concrete
  • Reduced occurrences of aggregate locking during cage placement
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding
  • Reduced downtime and associated costs
  • Improved cohesion properties
  • Improved pumpability
  • Reduced pump blockages
  • Easy to produce
  • Assured quality
  • Available nationally from all Hanson UK concrete plants
  • Design incorporates use of Hanson Regen, leading to significantly lower levels of embodied CO2 and greater BREEAM credentials.
The Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete.

Concrete properties


DosageW/C ratioCement content kg/ cubic metresSlumpCompressive strength
7 days N/mm228 days N/mm2
Hanson EasyPile®One bag0.48370150mm37.554.0
NOTE – Actual strengths and dosage may vary depending on design requirements, ground conditions and constituent materials used.

Slump retention

Initial1 Hour2 Hour3 Hour

Sustainable solution

Regen inside.

Hanson concrete can incorporate a proportion of Hanson Regen, (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag or 'GGBS'), which is a cement replacement material, helping to produce a product that generates a much lower level of CO2 emissions than ordinary cement.

Learn more about Regen

Concrete carbon calculator.
Concrete volume calculator.

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