Farming concrete

Hanson FarmYard®


Hanson FarmYard® uses a specialist blend of ingredients to create a hardwearing, highly durable and quality-assured product. 

Hanson FarmStore®


Offering a solution to a wide range of needs, this product provides the barrier between ground and stored material, ensuring the critical value of harvested crops is not lost due to poor storage.

Hanson FarmFloor®


Manufactured for strength, durability and hygiene, Hanson FarmFloor® helps set new standards in livestock management practice.

FarmFloor Plus®


Manufactured for maximum strength, durability and hygiene, Hanson FarmFloor Plus® is designed for use in more aggressive environments.

Hanson FarmTank®


Good waste management is an integral part of every farm. Hanson FarmTank® is designed to help farmers contain agricultural liquids safely and efficiently and is designed to comply with the British Standard.

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