15 May 2015

New footbridge within Middleton Lakes RSPB Nature Reserve

Hanson UK, Staffordshire County Council and the RSPB joined forces on May 14 to officially open a new footbridge across the River Tame south of Tamworth, within the Middleton Lakes RSPB Nature Reserve.

The celebration was a major milestone in the restoration of the former Middleton Hall sand and gravel quarry into a wonderful RSPB nature reserve. Local people can now enjoy walks across the valley from Dosthill to Middleton Hall, and beyond, using new public footpaths which have been created either side of the bridge to connect with the existing rights of way network.

David Weeks, communications manager for Hanson UK, said: "This bridge is the final part of a complex restoration project which has created an amazing nature reserve from what was once a working quarry. It clearly demonstrates what can be achieved when developers, planners and conservationists work together to promote biodiversity."

Nick Martin, site manager for RSPB Middleton Lakes, said: “The new river bridge across the Tame will allow visitors to enjoy new areas of the nature reserve and discover the wildlife that flourishes there. It also means that staff and volunteers will be able to monitor and manage the East of the reserve more effectively maximising the potential of the lakes, islands and reedbeds for wildlife and also for people to enjoy.

“We are hugely grateful to Hanson for the installation of the bridge and also to the other partners who were able to make it possible including Staffordshire and Warwickshire County councils.”

The RSPB Middleton Lakes nature reserve opened to the public in 2011 funded by a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

David Weeks

Head of PR and communications
+44 1454 332535