Countyfalt is a close-textured, one layer application which is ideally suited to rural roads where a low textured and deformation resistant single layer/binder course treatment is required. It was designed following a request from a local authority for a cost-effective, single layer solution.

It utilises locally-sourced aggregates and is also well suited to rural roads, housing estates, car and caravan parks - any application where a binder course has been traditionally used as a surface course and eventually surface dressed, or where a binder course is surfaced after a period of trafficking.

The material has a low surface texture and low air voids, which results in material that doesn’t segregate like traditional binder course materials, therefore protecting lower layers from water ingress.

Countyfalt is available in 20mm, 14mm and10mm sizes and is laid using conventional paving equipment in line with BS 594987.


The main advantages of Countyfalt when used as a maintenance treatment, either as inlay or overlay or as a surface course for new construction, are:

  • Dense asphalt concrete grading, low voids
  • Lower texture- around 1mm
  • Prevents against water ingress
  • Dense grading enhances fatigue resistance
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Sustainable product
Prevents water ingress.
Fatigue Resistance.
Resistance to deformation.


  • Rural roads/class C and D

  • Housing estates
  • Car and Caravan parks

Countyfalt technical data

Coarse aggregate
Los Angeles abrasion value30 max
Aggregate abrasion value10 max
Flakiness index20 max (6mm 30max)
Nominal sizes6mm; 10mm; 14mm
Binder40/60 pen
Layer thickness
30mm to 120mm
Surface texture (on installation)
10mm Countyfalt+0.7mm*
14mmCountyfaltCirca 1.0mm*
Typical performance figures
Surface texture (sand patch, immediately after laying)1.0mm (typical)
Wheeltracking (BSEN 12697 – 22
procedure B category WTS Air 1,0)

Wheeltracking Slope:
0.2mm / 103 cycles

Water sensitivity (retained stiffness)Minimum 80%
Stiffness3000 MPa (depending on binder grade)

*Typical value for surface texture. 

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