Durafalt® Range



Duradrive provides a high quality surface finish and delivers enhanced resistance against heavy steering/use from private vehicles.



Durafalt is a high-performance SHW Clause 942-approved surface course system laid by any Hanson approved Licensed Laying Contractor. 

Durafalt® -Fill

Durafalt Fill.

Durafalt-fill is a one-part asphalt product for efficient pothole repairs that bonds to existing surfaces.

Durafalt® HD and HD/+


Durafalt HD is a strong and durable surface (non-clause 942) designed to withstand heavy load traffic and Durafalt HD/+ is a combined solution (non-clause 942) that contains fuel resisting properties.

Asphalt tonnage calculator.



Countyfalt is a close-textured, one layer application which is ideally suited to rural roads.

Hanson Asphalt brochure 

Hanson Asphalt Solutions brochure.

Our new brochure provides a comprehensive guide on the key asphalt solutions on offer including Tuffgrip, Tuffpave, Durafalt and era®.

Courtfalt® Multi

Courtfalt and Courtfalt Multi.

Courtfalt Multi is a premium asphalt product designed specifically for sports surfacings and the multi-use games area material offers improved performance and durability compared to standard open graded AC products.