Bulk specialist aggregates

Hanson can supply an extensive range of specialist aggregates suitable for specific applications, from industrial and specialist sands through to rock armour and aggregates developed for SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) sub-bases. We ensure that our products conform to the latest industry standards, they are tested stringently and regularly by our technical team.

Industrial sands

Silica sand, often termed as industrial sand, contains a high proportion of silica in the form of quartz. It is located in limited areas across the UK and is produced from unconsolidated sands and crushed sandstones.Silica sand is an essential raw material for manufacture of clear glass bottles and containers. It is also used in the foundry casting industry, as well as other processes such as ceramics, chemical manufacture and water filtration.

Silica sand is used in building products such as grouts and filler and for production of roofing felt and bricks and in horticulture in soil/peat blends, grow bags and fertilisers, compost and drainage materials.

Specialist sands

Hanson supplies specialist sands for golf courses, sports fields and other leisure uses. Our products are ideal for golf course construction and top dressing and we also supply high quality sands for use in menages, gallops and arenas. Our equestrian sands are clean, pure, totally inert and free draining.Sands supplied for children’s play pits have undergone stringent testing to ensure they comply with the European Standards for Toy Regulations, guaranteeing the absence of lead and other harmful metals.Sands are also available for the supporting layers and infilling of the carpet of synthetic sports surfaces.

EC Fertilisers - Lime

Hanson can supply powdered limestone that can be used for agricultural applications like conditioning soil and the production of animal feed. We quarry agricultural limestone, which is then crushed, ground into a fine powder and applied as a soil conditioner on agricultural land.Using  ground limestone on soil can:

  • Increase the pH of acidic soil to reduce acidity
  • Provides a source of calcium and magnesium for plants
  • Allows for improved water penetration for acidic soils
  • Helps the uptake of major plant nutrients
Aggregates for SUDS sub-base

Hanson can supply aggregates for the sub-base of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).We have worked with the UK’s leading SUDS providers to create a range of aggregates that help reduce flood risk and improve water quality.

Hanson’s range offers blended aggregates combined to produce voids that allow the free flow of water whilst still retaining the mechanical strength of the inter-locking particles.

Hanson can offer both a 4/20 aggregate mix and a Type 3 sub-base bespoke products are available upon request.

Our aggregates meet the required specifications  for SUDS systems as well as Interpave’s latest guidance.

Rock armour – sea and river defence

Hanson can supply rock armour across the UK. Rock armour is suitable for use for sea and river defence to protect against scour, water and wave erosion. Our rock armour meets the requirements of BS EN 13383 and CIRIA specifications and we have worked with the environment agency on a number of projects.