Dynamic demand power balancing

A power balancing system called Dynamic Demand is being installed at 29 operational sites in a phased roll out. It allows items such as pumps used to dewater quarries and heated bitumen tanks to intelligently shift demand for energy, reducing consumption at peak times and increasing it at quieter periods. This flexible demand helps the National Grid to manage the system and supports the integration of more variable power sources such as wind and solar.

The technology has no impact on equipment performance and in return Hanson is paid for providing the service. In addition, Dynamic Demand provides sub-second metering data on equipment performance, which helps to spot maintenance issues, identify energy cost savings and optimise site resources.

Chris Kimmett, commercial manager for Open Energi who developed the system said: “It’s a game changing evolution in the way we manage energy and we are delighted to be working with Hanson UK to help adopt a smarter approach.”

Fourteen asphalt plants were the first to be fitted with Dynamic Demand systems.