Has your concrete cracked?

Majority of surface cracks results of aftercare

Chances are if you are reading this then you are one of many concrete users or purchasers who unfortunately has experienced cracking.

The initial response to cracking is that there must have been something wrong with the concrete when it was delivered. Not so, the majority of surface cracks in concrete slabs are usually as a result of aftercare.

The primary cause of concrete cracking is either:

  • No curing applied after finishing
  • Ineffective curing


The most effective way to repair the cracks is to brush dry cement powder over them, the cement fills the crack and residual water in the concrete will activate it, creating a seal. If left open, water can penetrate and cause further edge and internal damage through the action of freeze thaw.

Effective curing

For more advice on how to cure concrete correctly please refer to our Curing concrete guide.