Eco friendly concrete

Hanson EcoPlus® Range

Concrete that’s greener from the ground up

The EcoPlus range of high quality sustainable concretes is designed to help you meet current and future environmental agendas.

Being able to replace up to 70% of Portland Cement (CEMI) in a concrete mix with Hanson Regen (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag or ‘GGBS’), we have developed a product that has a much lower level of embodied CO2 than if ordinary cement was used. Hanson Regen, along with other environmental benefits, also improves the performance of the product, making it more durable and aesthetically lighter in colour.

EcoPlus makes specifying sustainable concrete easier as the type of application can be split into three simple categories.

Foundations | Pavements | Structural

Within each category you’ll find mixes to suit most builds.

If you have a requirement that does not sit in any of the categories just contact our team and we’ll seek to design a bespoke concrete solution for you.

All of our products in the EcoPlus range conform to BS 8500 and BS EN 206-1 standards.

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