Special concretes & value-added engineering

Bespoke mix formulations to meet challenging engineering requirements

Hanson Concrete has a proven history in the field of special concretes and industry award winning bespoke mix formulations to meet challenging engineering requirements that can often save valuable time and help deliver demanding deadline.

Our in house concrete technologists use the latest in cutting edge technologies to push the boundaries of concrete performance.


  • High early or ultimate strength
  • Rapid setting or extended working life
  • Underwater or watertight construction
  • High quality surface finish or architectural enhancements
  • Lightweight or Heavy weight (roofing sections / radiation shielding)
  • High rise construction
  • Long and complex pumping distances / Multi stage pumping
  • Shotcrete and tunnel linings
  • Low heat mass placement
  • Flowable fills and foamed concrete

Sustainable solution

Regen inside.

Hanson concrete can incorporate a proportion of Hanson Regen, (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag or 'GGBS'), which is a cement replacement material, helping to produce a product that generates a much lower level of CO2 emissions than ordinary cement.

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