Hanson Underwater Concrete

Hanson UK and Sika have worked together to create a concrete solution, which is suitable for underwater applications. This product has been used in the construction of many prestigious projects including Leeds Train Station and Eden Viaduct.


The addition of Sika’s UCS pack allows for easier placement of concrete under water. As such, our Underwater Concrete solution can be used for the following applications:

  • Marine construction
  • Any project which requires concrete to be used under water


  • Rapid setting to avoid tidal washout
  • Improved cohesion under water
  • Superior anti-washout properties
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS 8443

Sustainable solution

Regen inside.

Hanson concrete can incorporate a proportion of Hanson Regen, (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag or 'GGBS'), which is a cement replacement material, helping to produce a product that generates a much lower level of CO2 emissions than ordinary cement.

Learn more about Regen