High performance materials deliver a multi-layer crack resisting binder/surface course that is particularly suited to overlaying concrete carriageways.

Compared to traditional asphalt surfacing, Tufflex® offers high deformation resistance and a low air void content. The solution also delivers Highways England’s highest level of wheel rut resistance, level three. Its design uses specialised bitumens and incorporates best-in-class polymer technology to give it a flexibility that enhances fatigue resistance by absorbing traffic vibration. With its relatively low surface texture and designed low voids content, Tufflex® effectively protects the surface it covers from water ingress.

It is available in 6mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm nominal sizes and can be laid between 25mm and 150mm thick using a traditional asphalt paver with a 6-10 tonne roller. As a single layer application Tufflex® can half the installation time of traditional materials, reducing disruption to local services and traffic. Special attention should be given to compaction at the joints, which should be cut and painted with a bituminous joint paint to maintain resistance to the tensile stresses of turning vehicles. Installation should be in accordance with BS 59487.

Tufflex® XD

Tufflex XD is an extra dense solution with a higher bitumen content for sites with lower texture depth requirements.


  • A  best-in-class flexible polymer modified binder (PMB)
  • Road engineers will benefit from the option of a multi-layer crack resisting asphalt solution
  • Cost-effective over the whole life
  • Quick installation – single layer application
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Highly sustainable and durable, and offers improved performance over conventional asphalt materials
  • Increased stiffness
Crack resisting.
Prevents water ingress.
Enhanced durability.
Good stiffness.


  • Overlay of concrete carriageways

  • Urban roads

  • Rural roads

  • Industrial areas

Tufflex technical data

Material propertyTest specTypical result
Air voidsBS EN 12697-5, 6 & 8≤5%
Voids at refusalBS EN 12697-5, 6 & 8 & 32≤ 2%
StiffnessBS EN 12697-26 Annex C3,000 MPa (Tufflex®)
7,000 MPa (Tufflex®  HD)
WheeltrackingBS EN 12697-22
SA, Proc. B, in air
Rut depth: 3mm
Wheeltracking Slope:
0.1mm/103 cycles
Water Sensitivity (Duriez)NF P98-251-10.85
Fatigue (ITFT*)BS DD ABF≥ 1000000 cycles to failure @ 100µstrain

* Please contact the asphalt technical team at asphalt@hanson.com for ITFT data.

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