Sustainability strategy

Our aim is to be a leading sustainable business, trusted and respected by our stakeholders for the ethics we adopt and the products we supply. Our focus is on delivering products and services that enable sustainable construction and meet the requirements of resilience, low carbon construction and the circular economy.

Our approach is built around six topics which underpin our sustainability policy and performance indicators:

  • Enabling sustainable construction – partnership and product development
  • People and communities – zero harm in the workplace; creating sustainable communities and working with our stakeholders
  • Carbon and energy – climate change and energy use
  • Waste and raw materials – sustainable consumption and production
  • Water and biodiversity – water conservation and enhancing the natural environment
  • Quality processes and systems – management systems for continual improvement.

We have clear targets within these topics and report annually on progress and performance.

Managing sustainability

Our safety, health and environment functions are managed within a single sustainability department to provide increased focus both internally and externally. The department delivers a professional regulatory and advisory service to all business lines, audits and develops our Integrated Management System (IMS), and leads the drive to develop a trained and competent workforce.

Action plan

As party of our overall business action plan we will:

  • provide training and guidance for employees to understand our key objectives, encourage them to take responsibility for performance and improve competency
  • continue to develop our IMS as a mechanism to implement our sustainability strategy and ensure compliance with legislation, accurate reporting and continual improvement
  • publish annually a report on the prior year’s performance
  • implement a stakeholder review process and continue to develop our strategy to meet stakeholder interests
  • develop new products that enhance our credentials and the sustainable built environment meeting the needs of our customers
  • achieve and develop our sustainability targets and lead by example.