Our high quality asphalt solutions have been developed to be the ideal choice for a wide range of surfacing applications, from major civil engineering projects to domestic driveways and footpaths.

The four product groups – Tuffgrip®, Tuffpave®, Durafalt® and Hanson era ®– have their own unique qualities and characteristics, and all are backed by the strength and durability of the Hanson brand, with a reputation built on more than 60 years of quality and service.


Effective resource and waste management is at the heart of how we operate our UK asphalt plant network.

We have taken measures to reduce primary aggregates used in our products.  Additionally, most of our plants now use reclaimed asphalt across our range. This is part of our sustainable approach to recycling.

We have also introduced ‘moving floor’ vehicles to our delivery fleet. Their remote controlled, ‘no tipping’ design allows for a more measured release of asphalt. As well as enhancing safety and improving tunnel and under-bridge access, their 40% larger capacity means fewer and more efficient road movements.

As part of our ongoing innovation and drive to be sustainable, we have developed a new greener asphalt solution - Hanson era®.Through a unique production process, Hanson era® reduces the carbon emissions associated with asphalt production for road-laying by up to 50%.

All of our asphalt solutions are accredited to the environmental standard ISO 14001 and to responsible sourcing standard BES 6001. They are also ‘CE’ marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation.

We also comply with quality management system ISO 9001 and have BBA approval for our thin surfacing products. Our Contracting team are also National Highway Sector Scheme 16-accredited.