Canary Wharf Box

Hanson UK is already involved in the development of the new Crossrail station at Canary Wharf.

Concrete mix design:

  • Low heat and low carbon (ie CO2) concrete.
  • High usage of Regen (GGBS) (ie 70% replacement in piling).
  • Low permeability and watertight concrete.
  • Practical concrete for DC-4 (one of the highest) Aggressive Ground Conditions.

Application expertise:

  • 70% of raw materials river-fed.
  • Sizeable reduction in lorry movements.
  • Further reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Split shift to meet service/building requirements of LOR.
  • Association with Canary Wharf over 10 years through high rise development.
  • Maximised the use of quality and sustainable materials such as Regen (GGBS), which is described as ‘excellent’ within the current BRE Special Digest 1 for use within Aggressive Ground Conditions.
Canary Wharf
United Kingdom