The Courtfalt range includes the following products:


Applications: Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA)

Courtfalt Multi is a 6mm free-draining AC, ideal for Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs). This product incorporates crushed rock and is mixed using a 100/150 pen binder. It offers improved performance and durability compared to standard open graded AC products. Courtfalt Multi can be distinguished from our Courtfalt Tennis Court material by its slightly denser grading.


Applications: Tennis Court

Courtfalt is a 6mm premium asphalt product designed specifically for sports surfacings. A free draining open graded asphalt concrete (AC), which is mixed using a 100/150 or 160/220 binder (Polymer Modified Binder option is also available). The product must be laid on a porous, free draining base layers.


  • Must be carried out by a competent sports surfacing specialist contractor on free draining base layers


  • Guaranteed drainage properties
  • Offers improved performance and durability compared with standard open graded AC products
  • Courtfalt Multi- a range of PSV’s can be provided to enhance slip resistance
Excellent drainage.
Enhanced durability.

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