Hanson era® 140

A new warm-mix asphalt solution that is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Hanson era® 140 incorporates a specialist bitumen that allows asphalt to be produced at a reduced temperature (up to 30 degrees lower), when compared to conventional hot mix asphalt. This in turn leads to a fall in the level of embodied CO2.

The sustainability benefits of this product can be enhanced even further with the incorporation of recycled material within the mix.


  • Faster completion of resurfacing work

  • Improved workability

  • Sustainability – 2.4kg of CO2 can be saved per tonne in comparison to conventional hot mix asphalt

  • Reduction in thermal ageing process

  • Enhanced durability

  • Includes recycled content

  • Available from selected Hanson asphalt plants

  • Technical support service available

  • Improved health and safety

Enhanced durability.
Reduction in CO2.
Includes recycled content.


  • Motorways

  • All major roads

  • Most asphalt solutions

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