Tuffdrain is an asphalt material developed for use in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and filter drains at the edges of motorways and other major roads.

The solution works within SUDS by managing rainfall on a property, either distributing it into the ground or storing it for use in grey-water applications.

Traditionally, single-sized, large aggregates have been used in roadside drains, but these stones can be dislodged by traffic running off the carriageway, with the consequent danger of accidents or injury. Based on an open textured asphalt, Tuffdrain uses a polymer modified binder to provide a durable free draining solution that will not be displaced by errant traffic.

Laid using a “sidewinder” on a conventional paver, it replaces removed drainage stones to a depth of 150mm. Compacted by a pavement roller; the aggregate is locked together and further held by the excellent adhesive properties of the modified binder. The material delivers up to 15 times better drainage than that specified for porous asphalt when measured by the hydraulic conductivity test. It also has inherent durability through the thick binder film.


  • Designed for excellent drainage/hydraulic conductivity
  • The polymer modified binder offers durability
Excellent drainage.
Enhanced durability.
Noise reduction.
Good stiffness.


  • Ideal for SUDS applications

  • Filter drains on motorways and major roads

Tuffdrain technical data

Coarse aggregate
Los Angeles abrasion value30 max
Aggregate abrasion value15 max
Flakiness index20 max
Nominal sizes10mm; 20mm; 32MM
BinderHigh performance Polymer Modified Binder (PMB)
Road and laboratory test results
Voids10mm Vmin 14
20mm Vmin 14
Stiffness10mm 900 Mpa (typical)
20mm 2000 MPa
Hydraulic conductivity10mm 15,000 mm/hr (typical)
20mm 20,000 mm/hr

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