Tuffdrive is an asphalt surfacing material specially designed  to withstand the rigours of power steering and heavy use on residential driveways and parking areas.

It is also ideally suited to new-build housing projects where a contractor wants to offer a high-performance, value-for-money driveway surface course.

Tuffdrive uses the same distinctive ingredients as our flagship brand Tuffgrip, including a specially-formulated polymer modified bitumen, and can be laid by any approved contractor.

Installation: In accordance with BS EN 594987 and Hanson installation guide.


  • Resistant to deformation
  • Increases scuff resistance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Cost-effective
Resistance to deformation.
Scuff resistant.
Enhanced durability.


  • Residential driveways

  • Parking areas

Tuffdrive technical data

Coarse aggregate
Los Angeles abrasion value30 max
Aggregate abrasion value10 max
Flakiness index20 max (6mm 30max)
Nominal sizes6mm; 10mm
BinderHigh performance Polymer
Modified Binder (PMB)
Layer thickness (recommended)
6mm Tuffdrive20 – 30mm
10mm Tuffdrive30 – 40mm
Road and laboratory test results
Wheeltracking (BSEN 12697 – 22
procedure B category WTS Air 1,0)
Wheeltracking Slope:
0.1mm/103 cycles (typical)
Stiffness3000 MPa (typical)

Tuffdrive + 

Offers superior fuel resisting properties and compactability in comparison to Tuffdrive. Please email asphalt@hanson.com to find out more about this solution.

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