Tuffgrip is our established thin surfacing system and is produced in accordance with SHW Cl 942. It was jointly developed with BP for highways and other paved areas.

It uses high quality Polished Stone Value (PSV) aggregates and our approved specially-developed polymer modified binder.

Tuffgrip is tough on noise, skid resistance and on wet weather spray. It is also tough enough to stand up to heavy traffic yet provide an ultra-smooth ride. Tuffgrip is laid only by our Contracting division and comes with a five-year guarantee underwritten by the contractor (clause 942).

The mix design and choice of aggregate size provide a texture depth that is retained throughout the life of the surfacing, and gives significant reduction in noise over more traditional surfacings, such as Hot Rolled Asphalt and concrete. It is available in a range of aggregates and PSV. 


The main advantages of Tuffgrip when used as a maintenance treatment, either as inlay or overlay, or as a surface course for new construction, are:

  • Restores texture and offers skid resistance
  • Strong and durable
  • Excellent resistance to deformation
  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Reduced noise
  • Excellent spray reduction
  • Provided as a system- Hanson manage the approval process
Skid resistance.
Resistance to deformation.
Enhanced ride quality.
Noise reduction.
Spray reduction.


  • Highways

  • Major paved areas
  • Local Authority network

Tuffgrip technical data

Coarse aggregate
Los Angeles abrasion value30 max
Aggregate abrasion valueAs specified in SHW
Clause 942 (Appendix 7.1)
Flakiness index20 max (6mm 30max)
Nominal sizes 6mm; 10mm; 14mm
BinderHigh performance Polymer
Modified Binder (PMB)
Layer thickness
Details of constituent quality and layer thickness shown below
6mm nominal size20 – 30mm
10mm nominal size25 – 50mm
14mm nominal size35 – 50mm
Surface texture (on installation)
10mm medium texture1.1 – 1.6 mm
14mm medium texture1.3 – 1.8 mm
(All HA Clause 942 Level 3)
Road and laboratory test results
Torque bondTypical figures +800 KPa
Noise reductionHA Clause 942
Wheeltracking (BSEN 12697 – 22
procedure B category WTS Air 1,0)
HA Clause 942 Level 3
Water sensitivity (retained stiffness)Minimum 80%
Stiffness>2000 MPa (14/10mm)
>1500 MPa (6mm)

Tuffgrip Case studies

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