M6 DBFO pavement repairs

Client: Autolink Concessionaires (M6) Ltd

Value: £10 million per annum

Form of contract: Bespoke autolink maintenance contract

Overview: Repairs to a 36km section of the north and south bound carriageways of the M74.

Products used:

  • EME2
  • Tuffgrip
  • Hot rolled asphalt 65PSV
  • Heavy duty binder

Hanson Contracting is undertaking repairs to a 36km section of the M74 between Gretna (Jn 22) and Millbank (Jn 12). The work involves both the north and south bound carriageways and can only take place between April and September each year. The schedule also had to be planned around several major sporting events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup.

The work between junctions 16 and 14 includes reconstructing and resurfacing lane one and resurfacing the hard shoulder and lanes two and three. In addition major inlay sections and localised patching is being carried out between junctions 22 and 15 as well as junctions 14 to 12.

Key to delivering these schemes has been Hanson’s collaborative working approach and input into the planning and coordination of the individual schemes. All the work is undertaken at night to minimise disruption and the motorway has been fully open for all the major events.

Each section of work completed is measured by 25 different key performance indicators and the scheme is registered with Considerate Constructors.

Among the collaborative working initiatives are site meeting and walk throughs prior to each shift; weekly progress meetings; liaison meetings with Transport Scotland, Scottish Office and the emergency services; and a 24-hour TSCO hotline.

Hanson’s innovative iPave tablet is being used to record all onsite activity, which can then be sent immediately to the client.

Sustainability benefits

  • A panel of inquiry follows any lost time injury to establish the cause and all site personnel and managers attend regular health and safety briefings and updates.
  • All planings are recycled back into the road network.
  • All vehicles are fitted with trackers to monitor and record their carbon footprint.
  • Health and safety innovation includes magnetic warning signs on TVRS barrier, use of green cones to make works access more visible from a distance and the introduction of red and green reversing torches for banksmen.

Used products

36km section of M74
United Kingdom